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Server Information

We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience ever! See the table below for more about our game mechanics. Learn More.
Server Rates Other Info
EXP Rates: 5x ~ 8x Episode: 14.1 Pre-Renewal
Quest EXP Rates: 5x Max Level: 99/70
Drop Rates: 3x Max Stats: 99
Card Drop Rates: 4x Instantcast: 150 DEX
MVP Card Drop Rates: 20x Other: No 3rd classes
Cross Transing available

War of Emperium

TalonRO offers you two types of WoE: Vanilla and Unrestricted. Play with a set of non-customized items in the challenging Vanilla mode, or go all-out in Unrestricted! Learn More.
WoE:FE: WoE:FE NonTrans: WoE:SE:
Vanilla – Wednesdays 5pm-6pm GMT+1 Vanilla – Wednesdays 3:45pm-4:45pm GMT+1 Vanilla – Sundays 4am-5am GMT+1
Unrestricted – Sundays 6:15am-7:15am GMT+1 Vanilla – Sundays 2:45am-3:45am GMT+1 Unrestricted – Sundays 5:15am-6:15am GMT+1

Player Commands

We have implemented various useful commands to make your in-game life convenient! Here's a small selection of our commands. Learn More.


Protect yourself from players who might try and killsteal your monsters. Guard against accidental or intentional stealing of your mobs.



Keeping your account information and storage safe has never been easier thanks to our custom security command.



One of our Bonus Bundle features, this commands lets you know when an MVP has been killed, making your next party run efficient and effective.



Pick up the choice loots you’re after in a 3x3 cell around you, making it less time-consuming for the items you want, while keeping those you don’t want out.



Finding the cheapest items has never been easier than with Shopjump! Use this command to be instantly taken within a town to the shop selling a desired item the cheapest.



Set up your merchant for vending in Prontera, Payon, or the Prontera Mall and use Autotrade to let us do the work for you - so you can get back to playing TalonRO!

Main, Market, Recruit, Map Chat


Chat globally with players from all around TalonRO easily with these commands. Join in on a specific chat based on your needs, and talk with other players in an instant.

Retina Graphics


Learn all about your character’s talents in cooking, jewelcrafting, mining, and much more easily with the use of Charinfo for a quick in-game breakdown.

Powerful Performance


Track your progress to leveling up quickly with this helpful command, which will tell you how much EXP you’re gaining in a specific time frame!

Skill Edits

When our Pre-Renewal game mechanics require special attention or changes, TalonRO's expert developers are here to bring balance to all aspects of gameplay.

Asura Strike

Due to Champions being able to reach 150 DEX and achieve Instant-Cast Asura Strike, along with being able to quickly recover SP with Grape Juice, we felt this required special attention. Our solution on TalonRO is to introduce a cooldown on Asura Strike. For PvP/WoE this cooldown lasts for 15 seconds while for PvM situations it lasts for 10 seconds. Additionally, a damage reduction has been applied to Asura Strike. The skill’s damage output is unchanged all the way up to 200,000 HP of damage. However, damage beyond this amount will begin to taper off at an exponential rate. Learn More

Poem of Bragi

When Poem of Bragi was introduced, there were no such things as gears which grant aftercast delay reductions, such as Sniping Suits and Expert Rings. Together with the ability to reach 150 DEX or 190 ASPD with ease, we felt the need to alter this skill slightly. Therefore, the maximum possible aftercast delay reduction is 30% at level 10, instead of 50%. Finally, as aftercast delay reduction increases, your damage decreases. This way, Poem of Bragi becomes a skill that requires a bit more coordination, yet can be tremendously effective if used to its full advantage!

Removing Ground Skills on Teleport

Ground skills, like Magnus Exorcismus, are removed automatically when a player teleports. This ensures that all damage stops when that original damage-dealing player is no longer around. Furthermore, those attacking a monster will only gain EXP when they are in a 24 cell radius of the monster that is killed. So if you teleported away from a mob and another player kills it, you do not gain the Experience Points. Keep in mind that this does not affect leechers. If someone in your party kills a monster in range and you are somewhere else on the map, you still get the EXP Points!