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Server Features

TalonRO is a free-to-play private server. With a blend of expanded content and custom features, TalonRO brings the best of RO to life! Learn all about our enhancements and offerings below. Learn More
Episode 14.1

Episode 14.1

Our pre-renewal content includes amazing and rich episodic content and more: all with great quests, instances, and rich adventures. Currently running Episode 14.1: Bifrost!



Old Glast Heim, Wolfchev Laboratory, Malangdo Culvert, Octopus Cave, plus our custom Wave Challenge offer exciting party-play instances for incredible battles!

TalonRO Reward System

Reward System

Weekly bonuses with added EXP and items along with regular minigames like Poring Catch, the Lottery, and the GM Challenge offer everyone a chance to earn coins for great items.

WoE and PvP

WoE and PvP

TalonRO features PvP and WoE in two forms - Vanilla with classic items, or Unrestricted to unleash your power. Come challenge our international community!

TalonRO Guilds


With room for 116 members, 40 unique guild titles, shared guild storage, no required Emperium, and a unique Guild Directory – playing together has never been more fun!



More than 180 hairstyles, hundreds of clothing dyes, custom pets, and hundreds of headgears and costumes all allow you to customize your character's look to the finest detail.



Jump into all of the action with our Hunting Board quests for extra rewards and share in party fun with a 20-level limit, plus bonus EXP for fighting together in a party, and much more!



Our Super Quests represent some of the toughest challenges in the game! Plus, we've made many classic quests account-bound for access across all your characters.

TalonRO Enhancements


Card exchangers, helpful commands, unique mining and jewelcrafting, our quest progress board, and other gameplay enhancements help make your time on TalonRO enjoyable!

Reward System

Our unique reward system allows players to earn valuable items through a variety of methods. Best of all, you can experience our reward system in a number of ways. Learn More

TalonRO's Reward Guru in Prontera is the lynchpin of the Reward System, which gives you access to a range of items and services – including great headgears, special items, wonderful armors, extra commands, and helpful features as you play! TalonRO gives our entire community the opportunity to experience the game to its fullest – and the Reward Guru allows you to access a wide range of unique offerings.

To access all that the Reward Guru has to offer, you'll need Talon Coins: the main currency of the Reward System. Luckily, it's easy to earn Talon Coins – and best of all, you can earn Talon Coins in a variety of ways! You can earn them by:

  • Obtaining Copper Coins by playing in any number of TalonRO's special features.
  • Redeeming thanks for a donation to the server.

Copper coins are the stepping stone to Talon Coins, and you can earn Copper Coins by participating in one of a variety of TalonRO's unique offerings. With Copper Coins, you can purchase access to the Bonus Bundle, as well as trade them up for Talon Coins!

It's easy to earn Copper Coins on TalonRO by participating in any or all of the following activities:

  • Killing monsters from our TamTam's Gift region.
  • Going after some of our MVP monsters, who drop Copper Coin tickets upon death.
  • Playing one of our many minigames in TalonRO.
  • Participating in one of our special promotions, large live events, or giveaway contests.
  • Voting for TalonRO through the Control Panel.

You can earn Copper Coins and help support TalonRO at the same time! By voting for TalonRO in the individualized player Control Panel, players can influence several in-game dynamics, including raising Base and Job Experience rates, plus lower the exchange rate for Copper Coins into Talon Coins.

Said differently, the more you vote, the cheaper Talon Coins are to buy with Copper Coins! Voting is a great and rewarding way to earn Copper Coins and support the game that you love!

Earning Copper Coins has also never been more fun when you participate in one of TalonRO's timed events! Games like Bingo, Monster Race, and our TalonRO Lottery all provide winners with Copper Coins. Best of all – they're always running, so you can participate any time that you're playing!

Other unique events which run at specific times of day also provide Copper Coins through custom games like Poring Catch, the difficult GM Challenge, Poring Rally, and the Haunted House.

Keep an eye out too: certain minigames can also get a Happy Hour, which rewards you with even more coins! Have fun, party up with other players, and earn some great Copper Coins as a result!

Want to try it before you buy it in the Reward Guru? Our Rental System has you covered! TalonRO's Rental Master – located next to the Reward Guru in Prontera – offers trial versions of some items, most of which are enhanced versions of their full-time counterparts, too!

For these items, you'll need a third type of special coin: the Bronze Coin. Fighting monsters on our special TamTam's Gift region will give you these coins. You can also perform quests on TalonRO's specialized Hunting Board, also found in Prontera. These repeatable quests will give you access to Bronze Coins as well as other rewards.

The Rental System is a special system designed to give you an extra temporary boost, including great Halter Lead Mounts, special enhanced items, and much more! You can only earn these great items by participating in the game – making them available to all players equally!

Currency Use How to obtain
Talon Coins Can be exchanged at the Reward Guru for many different in-game items, armors, headgears, bonus bundle, and much more.
  • Exchanging Copper Coins for Talon Coins
  • Donation
Copper Coins Can be exchanged for Talon Coins. Exchange rate is based on voting goals each week.
  • Minigames & Timed Events
  • Voting
  • TamTam's Gift region
  • Special contests
  • MVPs
Bronze Coins Can be exchanged for enhanced Rental Items from the Rental Master.
  • Prontera Hunting Board
  • TamTam's Gift region

Custom Items

Our items keep gameplay challenging and dynamic, without any imbalanced equipment or unsightly additions. Our custom items provide originality and a sense of adventure!
TalonRO Lord Kaho's Horn
Lord Kaho's Horn

One of TalonRO's signature items is the inclusion of Lord Kaho's Horn - a mythical headgear whose power allows you to reach 150 DEX and the possibilities of instant casting, greater damage, and much more.

TalonRO's action-packed gaming balance allows for enhanced power and a fast-paced atmosphere, while making certain that gameplay remains challenging and dynamic. We've taken great lengths to bring out the best of party, solo, WoE, and PvP play without creating huge imbalanced and overpowered classes.

Best of all - anyone can achieve making their own Lord Kaho's Horn by gathering Copper Coins or even by embarking on the Lord Kaho's Horn quest for the legendary item. Our Reward Guru will let you take your mythical headgear even further with Kaho customizations - and with TalonRO's nearly endless supply of costumes, you can have all of the power and the look you're after for your character!

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MVP Cards and Super Quest Items
MVP Cards and Super Quest Items

Our philosophy behind MVP cards is simple: we want you to have them! Players should have access to the most amazing aspects of gameplay, without needing to rely on pure luck to enjoy gaming to its fullest.

TalonRO offers MVP cards and many others to be available in the Reward Guru. Don't worry however - we've also modified these cards slightly in some cases to ensure proper balancing in a world where anyone can experience the power of these awesome items. We want you to enjoy the best that these items have to offer, without breaking the fun and challenge of gameplay.

Finally, the most powerful weapons and items aren't ones which you can find in the Reward Guru at all - they can only be obtained through one of the most challenging quest series in TalonRO - the Super Quest Items. After completing an exciting storyline-driven quest and obtaining your SQI, you will be able to boost the item with various bonuses depending on the playing style you prefer. This way you can completely design your weapon to your liking. On top of that you can get special SQI accessories, footgears, and headgears as well! For those that prefer a more classic gameplay, our Vanilla gameplay mode allows extra challenge by excluding these items from gameplay in special events or Vanilla modes of PvP and WoE.

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Healing Items
Healing Items and More

With reduced weight and more options, healing items are better on TalonRO! SP is plentiful thanks to grapes in our Tool Dealers, and gets better when made into SP-healing Grape Juice!

On top of cheap and low-weight SP healing items, we've expanded the availability of meat and other HP-based healing items. These cheap and lightweight items allow you to quickly regain your Health Points while not spending a whole lot of zeny. And with their weight being reduced, you'll be able to carry more of these items into battle - fueling those grueling MVP battles or party-based GM Challenge runs!

TalonRO is not your usual server. Our unique blend of balanced items with a mix of new experiences keep that real RO feeling while giving gameplay a fast-paced, action-packed twist.

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