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You will need to create a Master Account before you can play. This account will be where you contain your game accounts. You may only register one master account and up to 10 game accounts when playing.

1. Creating a TalonRO Forum Account

Before you can create a game account, you will need a global account first. This is called your TalonRO Forum Account. All of your game accounts will be contained within your single TalonRO forum account.

2. Creating Your Game Account

Once you have created and logged into your TalonRO Forum Account, you can create your Game Account(s). You may create up to 10 TalonRO Game Accounts within your TalonRO Forum Account. All accounts will automatically be attached to your TalonRO Forum Account.

To manage your TalonRO Game Account(s), visit the Game Account Management panel.

3. Download TalonRO

If you have successfully created both your TalonRO Forum Account and Game Account(s), you may now download TalonRO and begin to play!

If you have any problems, please send in a Support Ticket and we will be glad to assist you.