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Create your master account to manage your access to TalonRO, including game accounts, forum access, the player control panel, and more!

1. Register Your Master Account

To get started on TalonRO, you will need to create your master account. This one account is home to all of your game login accounts, access to our forums, player control panel, and much more. You may only register one master account per person.

2. Create Your Game Account(s)

With your master account now set up, you can create your game account(s)! This is the information you will use to play TalonRO, and you may create up to 10 game accounts within your master account. Your game accounts will automatically be managed by your master account!

To manage your game account(s), visit the Game Account Management page on the control panel.

3. Download The TalonRO Client

Once you have created both your master account and game account(s), you may download the TalonRO Client and begin to play!

If you have any problems, please send in a Support Ticket and we will be glad to assist you.