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Make A Donation

TalonRO greatly appreciates donations to help keep the server fully operational! For every $1 USD donated, we're pleased to gift you 100 Talon Cash. For higher amounts, we even give out free bonus Talon Cash.
Donation Steps on TalonRO

Using Google Pay or Debit/Credit Card

We accept most Debit/Credit Cards as well as Google Pay if you have enabled it (might need to use your mobile to view this option). Google Pay will also allow you to use PayPal. Simply click on the “Make a Donation” button below and follow the instructions. You will be able to pick from a variety of donation levels. The higher levels even give you free Talon Cash as a bonus, to thank you for your generosity.

Make a donation

To claim your donation, simply follow the instructions below.

Donations are purely voluntary and extremely appreciated. By donating, you are agreeing that it is non-refundable and that you are authorizing the donation. Thank you for your support and keeping TalonRO free-to-play!

Claiming A Donation

We greatly appreciate your donation to help keep the game running strong! Your gift goes toward supporting operating costs for TalonRO so we can provide a fee-free gaming experience. Claiming your donation is a simple process that you can do in-game on your character.

Claiming your Talon Cash in-game

Simply visit the Reward Guru, located in Prontera, to claim your Talon Cash. Once you're in Prontera, walk down a bit and enter the building that says Reward Guru.

In order to claim your cash, simply click the Reward Guru. After that, click the menu option Talon Cash, followed by Claim Donation. When doing so, you will immediately get your Talon Cash in your inventory.

If for some reason you cannot claim your donation in-game or have questions about your donation in general, please file a Support Ticket and we would be happy to guide and assist you.

Claiming a Donation