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Downloading TalonRO is as easy as getting our Full Installer. Download everything you need all in one file!

Full Installer

This installer contains all the files you need to play the game. If you have never played TalonRO, or if you're getting errors with the Mini Installer, this is your best option.

Mini Installer

In case you already have an older copy of TalonRO installed, you will only need this Mini Installer. This contains many of our latest updates.

Once you have downloaded the Mini Installer, extract it in your desired folder and let it finish. Be certain to overwrite everything. Afterward, be sure to run all patcher services to ensure you have the latest files.

Misc Files

Need any other files? Check out these downloads.

Help! It doesn't work!

No worries, there are a couple of things you can check to get TalonRO to work.

If the client does not start after patching, try reading this.
Make sure that you run the game as an Administrator.
If you use Windows Vista and up, make sure that User Account Control (UAC) is disabled.
Try installing the game outside of the Program Files folder.
Make sure that all files are fully updated through patching.
The language for non-Unicode programs should not be set to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

If you still have any problems installing, refer to our Wiki or Forums as well for further information.