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Server: UP Rates: 5/5/3 ~ 8/8/3 19:49
Summer Event on TalonRO - The Amazing Summer Race! Come visit Port Malaya, the Ragnarok Philippines town! A true new PvM challenge! Lighthalzen features a new Biolabs level!

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TalonRO is a low rate, free Ragnarok Online private server. Online since 2007, we offer dynamic experience rates from 5/5/3 to 8/8/3 and will always protect your characters and items from wipes! With over 1,000 players online at any time, TalonRO provides a stable, lag-free, protected gameplay experience full of adventure, action, and fun. Come join us today!

Been on the server for about 10 months now, server up for a 8 years now. Friendly GM and Community. Great PvM customization, daily hunting board, monster of the week, centralized Vending. - Lozaki

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The Amazing TalonRO Summer (Event and Updates)

July 23, 2015
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[GM] Howl


The Amazing Summer Race returns to TalonRO! Enjoy the thrills of the race around Midgard for prizes and exclusive content, with all new additions and features that are sure to get you ready for great summer fun! Read on to learn more about the kickoff event to the summer. We hope that you enjoy and best of luck to you in this year's Amazing Summer Race!

We also have several game updates released with our Summer Patch! Please review the latest changes to TalonRO below:

  • Technical Edit: The jobchanger NPC now works as intended and no longer issues errors when changing to certain job classes.
  • Technical Edit: We’ve fixed certain sections of various maps where you could get stuck in a black area. These should no longer be possible to walk on as intended!
  • Technical Edit: We have fixed the locations of the various food storage depots in Battlegrounds. This should fix issues related with attacking the food storage areas.
  • Skill Edit: The duration of the Kaahi skill for Soul Linkers is now the official 350 seconds. Previously, this was listed as 30 minutes (1800 seconds).
  • New Quest: There’s a new headgear quest for the Sky Hat and Noble Hat. These majestic hats are sure to draw the attention of all around you – and now you can quest for them! The Sky and Noble Hat quests start with Porthos in the Prontera Chivalry Signup building – where you signup for the Culvert Investigation. This building is located in the northwest section of Prontera.
  • New Quest: We’ve also added a quest for the spooky and elegant Entweihen Hairband. Grown from vines located only at the top of the Endless Tower, Etty in Alberta has unlocked its secrets and will share her knowledge on how to make one of these for yourself! This quest starts in Alberta, so be on the lookout for Etty to begin this headgear quest.
  • Boost: The Anopheles Card now drops Box of Thunder in addition to the Tentacle and Cheese Gratin when killing an Insect-type monster.