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TalonRO's Summer Beach Social Party, The Starlight Soiree! Summer Event on TalonRO - The Amazing Summer Race! Come visit Port Malaya, the Ragnarok Philippines town!

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TalonRO is a low rate, free Ragnarok Online private server. Online since 2007, we offer dynamic experience rates from 5/5/3 to 8/8/3 and will always protect your characters and items from wipes! With over 1,000 players online at any time, TalonRO provides a stable, lag-free, protected gameplay experience full of adventure, action, and fun. Come join us today!

This server was the answer to my thrist of playing ragnarok online again, i tried playing Iro but was very un-happy with the spamming/bots running around. I looked to a private server and this one was highly reviewed. - deanoh52

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New commands, summer updates and more

August 19, 2015
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[GM] Seiren

The Amazing Summer Race is still going strong, but sometimes a reboot has to happen! This includes a few updates and fixes to the race and some other gameplay elements.

Game Updates

  • Summer Race:
    • Added a new item farming mission
    • The Notice Board and Officer NPC now show a more detailed time of when the race starts/ends.
    • A few of the NPC finding quest NPCs had their names changed to prevent duplicates with other NPCs.
  • Boost: Added shortcut commands for @shopjump and @shopfilter, namely: @sj and @sf
  • Boost: Added the latest Kahos and PCBs to the Reward Guru.
  • Reduction: Decreased the vendors per IP address and slightly reduced the maximum vending time to prevent the vending maps from being full.
  • Technical Edit: The ItemDB and MonsterDB on the Control Panel have been updated with the latest info.
  • Technical Edit: Moonlight Flower now spawns on a random location.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some MVPs not having crit-locking protection.
  • Bugfix: The timer on the PvP Hub is now working as intended.


That's all for today! We're working hard on new updates that we hope to introduce to you soon~