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Server: UP Rates: 5/5/3 ~ 8/8/3 06:29
Autumn and Fall Events are on TalonRO! Play with over 1,000 friends on TalonRO today! Play the GM Challenge PVM Minigame, only on TalonRO.

Welcome to TalonRO

TalonRO is a low rate, free Ragnarok Online private server. Online since 2007, we offer dynamic experience rates from 5/5/3 to 8/8/3 and will always protect your characters and items from wipes! With over 1,000 players online at any time, TalonRO provides a stable, lag-free, protected gameplay experience full of adventure, action, and fun. Come join us today!

As a former iRO Beta vet who hadn't played in years, I have to say I was always wary of playing TalonRO for the reason it is customized. I was very strict to the iRO mechanics but after finally giving it a shot, I was very surprised as how organized and maintained the server is. As a Quality Engineer and with the knowledge of expertise I have in quality management, I hands down give this server more credit than any official/private out there. I look forward to my stay! - iidxer

News & Events

The Light of Mabon: Teaser Trailer

November 16, 2015
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[GM] Howl

An ancient light shines across the Schwartzvald Republic. Journey across the world to reconnect the Heart of Ymir in this all-new event.

Coming soon to TalonRO: The Light of Mabon.