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Server: UP Rates: 5/5/3 ~ 8/8/3 05:59
War of Emperium is nothing! Battlegrounds PvP is where the true action happens Come visit Port Malaya, the Ragnarok Philippines town! A true new PvM challenge! Lighthalzen features a new Biolabs level!

Welcome to TalonRO

Hello, and welcome to TalonRO! Are you looking for a new place to play Ragnarok Online for free? TalonRO is your place to be since 2007. We are a low-rate server with 5/5/3 – 8/8/3 rates and no wipes ever! This means even after you come back after a few years, your characters and items will still be here and ready for action. We are one of the longest-standing and most stable servers around with a great population. Our servers are top notch and DDoS-protected, resulting in minimal lag. Interested? Join us now!

No server in any game is absolutely perfect. TalonRO, however, is the closest you can get to that perfection. Extremely helpful staff, very welcoming community, customizations have juuuust the right amount of balance... - Luty_Thes [more]

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Wiki Migration Project

May 27, 2015

[GM] Howl


TalonRO’s wiki pages are getting a big upgrade, with new and powerful software to turn our great wiki library into a full-fledged resource. However, our new system will require migrating our more than 300 wiki pages into this new platform, including moving individual pages to ensure proper migration and functionality.

To complete our TalonWiki move, we need your help! TalonRO is looking for several players who have significant expertise in editing Wikipedia / Wiki pages to help us with transferring articles between the old and new wiki sites. Successful candidates who help us complete this task will receive a small reward as a token of our thanks for assisting in this special project!

Qualified helpers should be have previous, demonstrated experience with the following:

  • Organizing wiki pages, including how to edit individual pages, use a visual editor, and familiarity with wiki terms and procedures.
  • Thorough knowledge of wiki syntax, including how to use categories, add media, and append comments and references.
  • Use of media content within wiki articles, including proper linking, using templates, and advanced placement / table measures.

If you have previous wiki experience and would like to be a part of this special project, we would appreciate having your help! Please send us a Support Ticket which lets us know that you’re interested in volunteering and we’ll outline the details. This is a great opportunity to help TalonRO with a special project and be part of a lasting effort which helps thousands of Talonians each and every month!

As always, thank you for your help and interest – and Happy Gaming!