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War of Emperium is nothing! Battlegrounds PvP is where the true action happens Come visit Port Malaya, the Ragnarok Philippines town! A true new PvM challenge! Lighthalzen features a new Biolabs level!

Welcome to TalonRO

Hello, and welcome to TalonRO! Are you looking for a new place to play Ragnarok Online for free? TalonRO is your place to be since 2007. We are a low-rate server with 5/5/3 - 8/8/3 rates and no wipes ever! This means even after you come back after a few years, your characters and items will still be here and ready for action. We are one of the longest-standing and most stable servers around with a great population. Our servers are top notch and DDoS-protected, resulting in minimal lag. Interested? Join us now!

One of best RO Servers. Balanced and newbs-friendly. The connection with the server is nearly perfect (rarely lags and dc's). GMs are always present in the forums or IRC, or in game when needed. - Nathriandal [more]

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Recent Network Issues

March 21, 2015

New Patcher

March 18, 2015

TalonRO's 8th Anniversary Celebration

March 15, 2015

Giving Back to TalonRO

March 3, 2015

Recent Network Issues

March 21, 2015
[GM] Howl
[GM] Howl

If you have been experiencing difficulty connecting to TalonRO over the past week, we would like to know more! We are presently aware that some members of our community are experiencing general slowness or "Failed to Connect to Server" messages when trying to log into TalonRO. We acknowledge and understand your frustration about it completely! We are working with our host vendor to remedy this issue, but we could use your assistance in diagnosing this issue! Please visit our Host Connectivity Feedback Topic for more information and how we can work to provide you with a stable and fast connection to TalonRO. Many thanks and Happy Gaming!